An endangered aquatic plant calling for conservation from Rupa Lake

An endangered aquatic plant calling for conservation from Rupa Lake

Adding to the beauty of Lekhnath Rupa is one of the destination for the tourists to come here. Nearby is a natural waterfalls which has attracted internal and external tourists. Rupa Lake is famous for its natural beauty and rich biodiversity. This lake is already included in the wetlands among the 9 wetlands in Nepal. This is rarely seen in the lake nowadays and waiting for conservation. Rupa Lake Restoration and Fish Conservation Cooperative is actively working for its development and conservation maximizing public participation.

We suggest you all to have a mood refreshing visit to the Rupa Lake.

You will have fresh and tasty fish here sold every morning by Rupa Lake Restoration and Fish Conservation Cooperative and dried fish also available here. Visitors here prefer fish curry and cold drinks. Staying in the cool place will freshen you.


Gai Simalkande Photo (RupaTaal Serofero)

This is one of the plant that can be found in lake water. This aquatic plant is Gai Simalkande found in Rupa Lake. The fruits of Simalkande were eaten by some community members  and children with simple debarking process. Previously, communities considered this plant as unwanted weeds and the cooperative was investing their resources for removing the plant from lake. But now its calling attention for the conservation so that the unwanted weeds of Rupa Lake have become a profitable income generating source for local community.

The cooperative is now preparing community based sustainable harvesting plan for Simalkande with the good experience of White lotus management plan.

Have you been to Rupalake? If not you are called. We hope your visit to this place will aid to fasten the beautification and conservation process along with.

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