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Cycle City Lekhnath

Cycle City Lekhnath

Lekhnath, Kaski, Nepal

Lekhnath is known as the garden city of 7 Lakes. It has the potentiality for tourism development. Every efforts made continued for the tourism development of Lekhnath have not been able to achieve the success yet. Unity is the one and only thing that must be required to get the success even each have been making efforts from their sides.

Recently cycle lovers in Lekhnath have formed Cycle City Lekhnath.

These are the names of the Committee.

President: Sandip Adhikari.

Vice President: Ashok Dhakal

Secretary: Suman G.C

Treasurer: Raju Baral

Members: Durga Subedi

                                      Damodar Bhakta Thapa

                   Dipendra K.C

             Milan K.C.

                 Nirajan Baral

                 Rajesh Kumal

Advisors: Durga Adhikari

                         Adarsha Jung Rana

                                  Bhagwan Khand Thakuri

Cycle City Lekhnath president says, “Cycling brings positive changes in the health and environment.

Cycling makes good relations among people.” He added, “We will include all the cyclists around

Lekhnath Municipality and enhance the brotherhood relationship.”

The team believes , “Cycle for mobility”, not only the “Cycle for Fun” will make positive change in the health and environment.

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