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Water park ‘Big Splash’ in operation

Water park ‘Big Splash’ in operation

Pokhara, April 13 (RSS): A water park ‘Big Splash’ has come into operation in the lake city, Pokhara, from Thursday with a view to offering an environment of fun in water.

The water park has been constructed in 13 ropani land at Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolis-14, Kudahar. Arya The Resort and Fun Pvt Ltd constructed the park.

According to the Company Managing Director Ameet Raj Mulmi, there was a total investment of Rs 110 million in the construction of the park.

Various structures have been prepared in such a way that people from every age including child and elderly can also take fun in the water, he informed.

Company Chairperson Ananda Raj Mulmi said that the water park was constructed targeting tourists coming to Pokhara and is expected to offer full entertainment to the visitors.

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