Nepal police must provide ‘service with a smile’

Police in Nepal are being trained to be more humble and to smile more after complaints that they often behave in a harsh and impolite manner.

A police spokesman said more than 600 trainers had been deployed throughout the country to help officers become more friendly.

The campaign has been called “service with a smile”.

In recent years, police officers have been accused of brutal and heavy-handed tactics when dealing with civil unrest.

The force hopes this campaign will improve its public image, BBC Nepali’s Surendra Phuyal in Kathmandu reports.

More than 600 trainers have been deployed in the country’s 75 districts to train police personnel, said Nepal police spokesman KC Ganesh.

“It’s so that they can appear to be in a friendlier, more humble and polite manner,” he said.

The Nepal police say they hope the national campaign will bring about positive changes in the working pattern of the 67,000-strong force.


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