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Ex-Army men return to save wildlife

Ex-Army men return to save wildlife

1 August, Chitwan:

As the renowned Chitwan National Park (CNP) marks the second consecutive zero poaching year the share of achieving such remarkable feat also goes to the effort put in place by the former members of the Nepal Army.

A network of former servicemen led by former Nepal Army Major Sher Bahadur Dham of Jagatpur, who retired after 34 years in service, is lending a helping hand in the effort to end poaching.
CNP Chief Conservation Officer, Ram Chandra Kandel, said the network is proving to be very effective as the former military men and employees come with an experience in communicating information.

He said the group has no problem in sharing covert tips on the illegal activities taking place and detaining individuals involved while also going on patrols within the jungle.

Former Major Dham, who was stationed at the CNP for six years of his career, says the jungle and wildlife are Nepal’s property and that former servicemen were working to protect it in an organized method. We have plans to expand the network to Nawalparasi district as well, added Dham.

Apart from former soldiers, former employees, youths, women, teachers and students have also established their own networks to control poaching which has contributed significantly in reducing the incidents of poaching to nil, Kandel shared. RSS

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