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Nat’l health policy 2071 unveiled aiming to provide a doctor in each VDC

Nat’l health policy 2071 unveiled aiming to provide a doctor in each VDC


Kathmandu, Aug.8: The government has launched the National Health Policy-2071 BS. Minister for Health and Population Khagaraj Adhikari unveiled the National Health Policy on Friday.

Minister Adhikari said that the new health policy has given equal importance to medical and Ayurveda sciences and is clear on providing quality health service to all citizens.

The health policy is aimed at ensuring poor, marginalized people’s access to health facilities, he said, seeking cooperation from the government and non government sectors for its effective enforcement.

World Health Organisation Nepal representative Dr Lin Aung said the new national health policy accompanied with long-term plans is important in the context of Nepal. National Planning Commission’s member Yagya Bahadur Karki said the outcomes of new health policy depend on its execution. The new health policy has replaced the 1991 National Health Policy.

Providing effective health services to all citizens, guaranteeing free basic health facilities and producing skilled human resources necessary for health service are mentioned in the 14-point health policy.

Similarly, the policy has focused on the management of medicinal herbs available in the country, promotion of Ayurveda science and domestic production, smooth supply of quality medicines and health material and reduction of malnutrition with the use of quality and hygienic food.

Operation of ambulance service with availability of necessary medicines, oxygen and health professionals and with common code number across the country, launching of air ambulance to the needy, establishment of at least one health institute in villages in distance of maximum 30 minute walk on the basis of population ratio and geography and at least one primary health center in very industrial sector are the strategies enshrined in the National Health Policy.

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