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Lower Modi hydroelectric project repaired

Lower Modi hydroelectric project repaired

29 May, Phalebas (Parbat):
Repair works at the Lower Modikhola -I hydroelectricity project at Chuwa of Parbat district have been completed.

The 10-megawatt project was closed after flood in the Modikhola river damaged the powerhouse and the equipment on 29 July 2015.

Power was generated from only a single turbine of the project after its repair in November last year. The repair of the remaining turbine and equipment was completed last Tuesday, enabling the project to generate power from both turbines, project engineer Bipin Sharma Poudel said.

According to him, currently the project is generating six megawatts of power. The flood in the Modikhola, the biggest flood to occur in 60 years, caused damage worth over Rs 300 million to the project. It had caused damage to the project’s powerhouses, approach road and the water channel. RSS

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