Late King Birendra and family remembered

Late King Birendra and family remembered

Family-of-Birendra  2 June, Lalitpur: The statue of late King  Birendra at Jawalakhel was garlanded  today as the then King and his family  were remembered when they were  massacred on this day 13 years ago. At  the programme organized by the Yogi  Narahari Nath Trust Spiritual Council,  well wishers of the former royal family,  then staff of the royal palace service and  members of the general public were  present. Speaking at the function,  Chairperson of the Council Shanker  Poudel described the late King Birendra  as a very popular king, who acted as per the aspirations of the people. The then King Birendra, Queen Aishwarya, crown prince Dipendra, prince Nirajan and princess Sruti as well as five other close relatives of the royal family were killed in the royal palace massacre that took place on the night of June 1, 2001. RSS – 


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