iPhone 5 Black Diamond- The Most Expensive Iphone

The Most Eexpensive Iphone in the World 
iPhone 5 Black Diamond
Price; $15.3 M
During April 2013, British designer’ Stuart Hughes manufactured and crafted a unique smart phone on the request of Hong Kong Businessman named “Joe” for about $15.3 M, breaking his previous record of $8 Million for iPhone 4 Diamond Rose. Stuart Hughes is famous for his luxury brand. He has created and designed many other luxury items which are featured on his official website..
 This uniquely designed iPhone 5 features a rare 26-carat black diamond which was in possession of Joe’s family for years. The rear section of the phone is coated with solid gold and apple logo consists of 43 flawless diamonds. The screen of this luxury item is created from sapphire glass, instead of gorilla glass, which is 10 times more expensive than gorilla glass. These extra dollars are spent to ensure strength and stability of screen as sapphire glass is the hardest natural substance after diamond  The most special item of this iPhone 5 is its home button which is rare 26-carat black diamond, encrusted on a circa of 600 flawless diamonds.

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