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Garbage gifted to those failing to pay tax

Garbage gifted to those failing to pay tax

20 April, Parsa:

Birgunj Sub-Metropolitan city has begun a unique pressure-exerting campaign against those failing to pay tax on time. It has been sending them a gift of garbage.

The Sub-Metropolis began the symbolic protest by gifting garbage to the big non-payers.
As per the campaign the Sub-Metropolitan city Office heaped a tractor of garbage at the main gate of Regional Office of the Agriculture Inputs Company at Shreepur. The waste to gift was collected from different parts of the city.

The Office of the Sub-Metropolis said the Company ignored the repeated calls to pay tax on time. It has not paid the housing and integrated property tax for the past 22 years. A notice was pasted on the main gate making the Company aware again on the pending tax amounting to almost Rs. 10 million.

Meanwhile, Chief of Company Rajendra Bahadur Karki said it had been difficult to work due of garbage gift. He however said efforts were on to clear tax. He further said the higher body was repeatedly informed about the pending tax, but in vain.

The Sub-Metropolis is all set to follow the suit in case of other tax defaulters as well.

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