Nepal welcomes 3,000 tourists in July

KATHMANDU: Nepal welcomed around 3,000 international tourists last month.

According to the Department of Immigration, 2,991 tourists arrived in Nepal in July 2021 via Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). Of them, 1,940 are males, 1050 are females and one is the other.

With the relaxation of the COVID-19 lockdown measures by the government of late, the number of people entering the country from outside has been gradually increasing. In June, this number was 1,143.

During the same period, 3,157 people departed from TIA.

In the past one month, people from 99 countries across the world had arrived Nepal and the highest number of them was from India as their number made of 1,105 followed by 819 from the US, 185 from the UK, and 165 from Turkey.

People from other South Asian countries: Bangladesh (four), Bhutan (14), Pakistan (five), and Sri Lanka (three) had arrived in Nepal.

Likewise, 78 Canadians, 50 Chinese, 45 Belgians, 41 French, 26 Dutch, and 19 Russian were welcomed into the country last month.

The Department says in July, 25,205 Nepali citizens (21,509 males, 3,693 females, and three others) have returned home.

The total number of people including foreigners landing at TIA during the period is 28,196 while the total number of people leaving the country is 25,034 against 13,256 of the previous month.

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