My candidacy to ensure province’s authority: NC Vice Prez Nidhi

My candidacy to ensure province’s authority: NC Vice Prez Nidhi

My candidacy to ensure province’s authority: NC Vice Prez Nidhi

NC Vice President Bimalendra Nidhi. (File photo)

DHANUSHA: Ruling party Nepali Congress (NC) Vice President Bimalendra Nidhi said that he was aspiring to be party president to form NC’s majority government with a thumping victory in the coming elections.

Inaugurating the Dhanusha constituency-3’s convention at Nagarai in Dhanusha district on Sunday, leader Nidhi reminded that a communist government came to power when NC could not garner a majority in the previous elections. “The communist government led the country to instability,” he argued.

According to him, although the Constitution of Nepal has a provision of province police and bestowed the authority for civil service, the seven provinces in the country were not being able to exercise the authority. “Nobody has paid attention to ensure province’s authority,” he added.

The party Vice-President emphasized amendment in the constitution to protect the rights of the Madheshi, Dalits, indigenous communities, Muslims and oppressed ones. “I would also like to consider amending the constitution while keeping intact the current federal democratic setup.”

Nidhi shared that NC had already taken an official decision for amendment of the constitution while communist parties had differing views. Amid this, he announced his candidacy for the party’s president.

Similarly, Province-2’s Minister for Physical Infrastructures Development and parliamentary party’s leader Ram Saroj Yadav, NC central member Minakshi Jha, House of Representatives members Ismritinarayan Chaudhary and Province assembly members Shivachandra Chaudhary and Pramila Das were unanimously elected in the convention.

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