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International conference on lightning taking place tomorrow

International conference on lightning taking place tomorrow

LALITPUR: A three-day international conference on lightning and mitigating its impact in Nepal is taking place in Lalitpur from tomorrow.

The conference will bring together 100 participants including experts from various countries, Nepal included. Experts from India, America, Brazil, France, Sweden, Israel, Australia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, among other countries will be attending the conference.

Forty-four persons will be presenting their research papers in the international meet, said Prof Dr Shreeram Sharma, an expert on lightning.

The conference will discuss the status of lightning in the world, efforts made towards its prevention and the topics to be addressed by policy-makers.

Dr Sharma said the conference will mainly chalk out strategy to support policy-making.

According to him, 28 out of the 44 research papers to be presented in the event are from Nepal.

Nepal lacks lightning-related information system and no notable works have been undertaken for mitigating lightning.

Nepal ranks in the fourth place in terms of lightning risk among the countries where research on lightning has been carried out.

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