China says Beijing on track for 2022 games

China says Beijing on track for 2022 games

5 August, RIO DE JANEIRO :

Organizers of the Winter Olympics in 2022 in Beijing are promising that everything is already on track for the country’s second Olympics, building on experience from the Summer Games in 2008.

Pan Zhiwei, director of international relations, says the games will attract 300 million more Chinese to participate in winter sports.

Pan says: “We know that we have a long way to go to be a strong nation in winter sports. An important reason for us to bid for the Olympic Winter Games is our desire to popularize and develop winter sports through hosting the games.”

Pan made a quick, passing reference to environmental concerns surrounding these Olympics, including the need for artificial snow production.

He says “we are deeply aware that compared to the Summer Games, holding the Winter Games will present many challenges such as natural conditions.”

The International Boxing Association says all 11 of Russia’s boxers who qualified for the Rio Games have been cleared to participate following a doping review for all Russian athletes.

AIBA said in a statement Thursday that it recommended each boxer be allowed to fight following the reviews, and got confirmation of that assessment from an IOC review panel.

The IOC responded to the Russian doping scandal by placing the burden on international sports federations to determine whether Russian athletes should be allowed to compete in Rio.

More than 250 have been declared eligible by federations so far, with more decisions expected Thursday on the eve of the opening ceremony. More than 100 Russian athletes, including the track and field team, have been excluded.

French President Francois Hollande is wasting no time pushing his country as a potential 2024 Olympics host, making an on-site bid in Rio de Janeiro.

Hollande flew to Rio on Thursday for a series of meetings over two days, including a dinner with International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach and delegation chiefs of countries taking part in the Olympics and Paralympics. They were holding private talks Friday.

Paris lost the 2012 Games to London in a surprise for the French, who felt certain Paris would be selected.

Hollande will present the French candidacy for 2024 to the press on Friday, meet with French athletes and attend gala events, leaving after the opening ceremony Friday night. AP

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