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At least 138 new laws in a year: PM Oli

At least 138 new laws in a year: PM Oli

12 April, Kathmandu:

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said the country would get at least 138 new laws to implement the changed constitutional and political set up- federalism, and restructuring of administration.

During the address to the nation coinciding with the completion of the six months of the government he is leading, and on the occasion of the New Year 2073 BS, PM Oli shared the government’s plan of fixing the provincial capitals in the new year.

The PM has termed the establishment of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) as one of the notable achievements in view of the dire need of reconstruction activities, following the devastating earthquakes that the country braved in the very beginning of the last year.

According to him, the NRA will expedite the agreements on the grants for rebuilding the damaged houses in the districts suffering worst in the earthquakes.

“Before the rainy season, the government will complete signing grants agreements with the people from the quake affected districts,” he vowed.
Construction of other structures as of the government offices would also be expedited soon.

Commitment to human rights unbreakable
Reminding that Nepal has passed through various stages of conflicts and adopted peaceful measure to come to this state, PM Oli argued, “Government’s commitment to human rights is unbreakable and unquestionable.”

He further said the attack on Nepal’s government’s commitment to human rights, democracy and social justice by digging any issue of murky past at present time of improving atmosphere, was unacceptable.

Nepal has not any enemy
Referring to the foreign affairs and relations with the neighbours and friendly countries, PM Oli reiterated that Nepal has not any enemy. “We don’t have bitterness and ill-intention towards any country. We also expect friendly relations and respect to our sensitive geopolitical location from others.” RSS

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