Daily queue chart published by Begnastal Bus Sanchalak Samiti

Daily queue chart of Begnastal Bus Sanchalak Samiti

Lekhnath, June 6, 2021

District Administration Office, Kaski district of Gandaki State has extended lockdown till 9th July 2021 (Ashar 25, 2078) to cope with the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic that hit Nepal in early April. This extended rule has considered allowing many other public vehicles to operate on the road under the odd-even-number rules.

Begnastal Bus Sanchalak Samiti was established on 2049 B.S and has been continuously operating public bus service starting from Begnastal Bus Park.

Here is the Daily queue chart published today by Begnastal Bus Sanchalak Samiti  that operates its services from Begnastal Bus Park to Pokhara Rupa rural municipality.

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