Boating in Begnas

boating in Begnas

Water bodies can captivate anybody. It is natural, slow or fast but powerful but gives life to all the creatures specially aquatic flora and fauna. To move around over the lake is only possible with the means of water transportation. We have our local resources used to make these. Boat is simply made up of wood. It has an oar which is also  made up of wood. A simple boat can carry 4 normal weight people. To boat and see the natural beauty… just imagine, how is it? You love that and anyone loves it except the ones who terribly is afraid of it and will not try even once.

Boating has its own speciality as it has been used as the only water transport in Begnas Lake and most of the lakes in Nepal. Nepalese lakes have boats made up of the wooden flakes. People use boat as the means of transportation in Nepal where there is lake or slow waterbody around either to get to the city or getting back to home. Many of the tourists (internal and external, national and international) come to visit Begnas Lake. People coming from different places enjoy Boating in Begnas Lake. Nowadays dozens of hotels, motels, lodges, restaurants have been established around Begnas Lake. How about visiting Begnas and boating around? welcomes you to Begnas.

Welcome to Begnas Lake

Boating charge in Begnas Lake.

Boating Price in Begnas



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