Visiting Places

Visiting Places around Lekhnath

Lekhnath Municipality has a lot of beautiful naturally furnished resources. Since, has been initiated  to explore the natural beauty around Lekhnath Municipality, we have collected the following resources inorder to get people learn about these places. Barahi at Begnas Lake (can be reached by boating from Begnas Lake ) was one of the most viewed and unknown for all the people out there which we explored. There are seven lakes in the Municipality which is why Lekhnath Municipality is known as the garden “City of 7 Lakes” . So is an approach to introduce Lekhnath as the City of 7 lakes to the world for the main aim of developing the place  promoting tourism.


Begnas _MG_5240

Begnastal temple_MG_5234


DipangSita CaveIMG_9217Sita CaveIMG_9215



Khaste templeIMG_8967

Begnas IMG_1728

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