Plan Quick Visit?

Plan Quick Visit?

To visit Lekhnath you just need to take Lekhnath Micro Bus run in the Highway mainly Begnastal upto Pokhara (Chipledhunga- Final Station at Baglung Bus Park). The bus runs around Lekhnath in different time schedules provided by Begnastal Bus Sanchalak Samiti (Call: +977-061-560439)

Taxi and Cab are also available in Lekhnath. To get into Begnas Lake and around Lekhnath you can get a taxi mainly in Begnas Tal, Talchowk, Arghaun, Shishuwa.

Need Taxi around Lekhnath?

Call Krishna at +977-9856022087


Need Taxi around Pokhara?

Call Chandra at+977-9802801000

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