Lekhnath City

Lekhnath City

Lekhnath Municipality represents local and national level organizations in Nepal.

Now, Lekhnath represents following organizations: 


Lekhnath Municipality Office

LMP final boardered

लेखनाथ नगरपालिका भवन



Statistical Information About Lekhnath Municipality


Administrative Division

Development Region: Western

Zone: Gandaki

District: Kaski

District/ Region Headquaters: Pokhara

Constituency: Kaski-i

Location: Lekhnath Municipality is located in south eastern portion of pokhara valley, at a distance of 10 Km east of Regional/District Headquaters pokhara and 181 Km west from capital city Kathmandu.

Latitude: 28 degree .5’N

Longitude: 84 degree . 02′ E -84 degree.08′ E

Altitude: Minimum-407 (kotre), Maximum- 1217 (kotwri)

Total Geographical Area: 77.45 sq. Km


Municipal Boundaries

North: Majhathana and kalika VDC

East: Hansapur, Rupakot and Deurali VDC

West: Pokhara sub Metropolitan city


Climate: Sub-tropical



Maximum: 37.4 degree C

Minimum: 1.8 degree C

Average: 20.6 degree C



Maximum: 3868.5 degree C

Average: 3045mm


Water Bodies

River: Seti

Major Lakes (Area in hector): Begnas (337), Rupa (115), Khaste (13.57), Deepanga (8.98), Gunde (4.98), Neureni (2.83) and Maidi (1.17)

Major Streams: Bijayapur, Khudi, Gaduwa, Bagadi, Talbesi and Syangkhudi

Irrigation Canals: Begnas, Bijayapur




Cereals: Rice, Wheat, Maize, Millet etc

Pulses: Wide range of beans (inciuding soybean)

Vegetables: Potato, Tomato, Cauliflower, CAbbage, Radish, Onion, Beans, Cucumber, Pumpkins, Garlic etc. 

Fruits: Orange, Guava, Mango Citrus, Banana, Papaya, etc

Others: Coffee, Cardomom, Ginger, Turmeric



Agriculture Service centers: 2

Veterinary Service Centers: 2

Agricultural (Fisheries) Research Centers: 1


Land Use 

Total Plain Area: 47.58 sq. km. (60.28%)

Total Hilly Area: 31.35 sq.km (39.72%)

Commercial: 57.28 ha.(0.73%)

Residential (Plain): 342.18 a. (4.34%)

Residential (Hilly): 125.61 h. (1.59%)

Institutional: 21.17 ha. (0.26%)

Rivers, streams and Lakes: 887.90 ha. (11.25%)

Forest Land: 1153.32 ha. (60.28%)

Agriculture, Roads, Grassland and Others: 5305.32 (60.28%)



Major Busiess Centers

Arghaun, Lekhnath chowk, Bijayapur, Budhibazar, pragati chowk, Dandakonaak, Talchowk, Shisuwa, Mohoriya, Begnas tal, Bhandardhik, Gagangaunda, Khudi, Dhungepatan, Tallo Gagangaunda, Satmuhane, kholakochhew, Rajaka Chautara, Sundardanda, Talbesi, etc.


Trade and Industry

Industries (small scale): 126

Hotels and Lodges: 43

Resorts: 3

Park: 1



Basic Amenities


Primary Health Center: 1

Sub Health Centers: 3

Ayurebedic Centers: 2

Private Clinics: 22



University: 1

Higher Secondary Schools: 16

High Schools: 12

Lower Secondary Schools: 2

Primary Schools: 26


Drinking Water

Private Taps: 38

Public Taps: 310

Private Wells: 60

Asian Development Bank Associated Small Town Drinking Water and Sanitation Project 

World Vision’s Kaski District Drinking Water and Sanitation Project (KDDWS and Naulo Abhas Area Development Program Ward no. 4, 5, 6,9, 10 and 11)

District Red Cross Society’s Drinking Water and Sanitation Project (Ward No. 9 and 14) 



Private Toilets: 100 % coverage

Public Toilets: 5


Electrification: 93%



Post Office: 1

Additional Offices: 4

Telephone Connections: 450 Lines



Trred (including prithivi HW): 35 K.m

Graveled: 46.77 K.m

Main Earthen: 68.10 K.m


Municipal Services

Total Ward: 15

Ward Service Centers: 6


Securiy: Royal Nepal Army No. 3 Brigade, Bijayapur, Shisuwa Police Post, Dandakonaak 



Financial Institutions: 7

Non Government Organizations: 82



Religions: Hindu, Buddhist, Christians and Muslims



Households: 9362

Total Population: 41369

Male: 19475

Female: 21894

Life Expectancy: 59.7 year

Population Density: 4.67 Sq. km

Pop. Growth Rate: 2.9%


Population Distribution (Caste Wise)

Brahmin (38%), Gurungs (13%), Occupational Castes (20%), Chhetries (9%), Magars (4%) and Others (20%)



Total Setlements: 172

Urban: 25

Rural: 147


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