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Five fruits to try this summer

Five fruits to try this summer
Five fruits to try this summer

Seasonal fruits in summer are a fun to have.

Here is how to go about fruits in summer:

Mangoes Juicy, succulent and yummy, mangoes have heir own taste side story to tell. For one thing, the king of fruit is always to be relished during summer and mango makes for a perfect summer delight.

Litchi Sweet, succulent and very tasty, litchi is not only a thirst quencher, but also is another summer delight which is enjoyed the most in particular, in summer. Fresh litchis plucked from the farm and consumed after refrigeration are a sure shot way to merriment in summer.

Cherry Cute and delicious cherry is another summer cooler. The sweet little cherry simply makes you get addicted to its taste which the taste buds can’t resist. Another summer must have.

Musk melon Also called honeydew melon for it’s colour, this fruit is rich in fibre and has water content that makes it qualify for the apt summer cooler. A bowl full of musk melon and you get the perfect thirst quencher of a solution, which fills your tummy too. Same is the case with watermelon.

Sapota Also called chiku, the sweet and nutritious fruit makes for a healthy fruit salad component. Another must have in summer, the texture and taste of sapota is unbeatable.

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