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All about Breasts – Big, Small, Young and Old!

How they vary, big, small, pert, not so pert – young and old they differ incredibly and they are rarely balanced, typically one will be smaller or higher than the other.  And you know what, they are all normal!!!

The size quite simply depends upon the amount of breast tissue and fat in the area.


Volume of breast tissue
Family history
Weight loss or gain
History of pregnancies and lactation
Thickness and elasticity of the breast skin
Degree of hormonal influences on the breast (particularly oestrogen and progesterone)
Just as size varies so do nipples and areola’s – the area around the nipple.   Some nipples constantly stand erect, others are only erect when cold or stimulated and some are inverted and unless this is a recent development then there is no cause for concern.  Also most women have hair on the nipples, some are long and dark, it is totally normal.

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