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4 herbs and their uses

4 herbs and their uses
4 herbs and their uses

These herbs not just add flavour to your food but also up the health quotient of the dishes.

Basil: You can use it fresh dried. Fresh basil can be chopped finely and used in the pasta sauce, while the dried variety can be sprinkled on dishes to ass taste. Full basil leaves can be used in salads too.

Chives: They add great colour to your food. You can them in omelets or other starchy vegetables. You can also use them with fruits. Since they have a long shelf life, they can be stored in the fridge too.

Pudina: You can chop mint and use it in yogurt for a quick but delicious dip. One of the best ways to use mint is by adding it in salads for a refreshing summer dish. You can also add it in your tea for a minty taste.

Rosemary: This sweet and savory herb works great with meat. Add this along with pepper to take a yummy meat rub!

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