Fagu Purnima- the festival of colors


The festival of colors and joy is here at the door of every Nepalese. Fagu Purnima also named as Holi festival is one of the most fun festival is celebrated with different vibrant colors and water in Nepal and in India.

Holi is celebrated to exchange brotherhood and to celebrate with families and friends. It falls in the month of February or March on holi purnima. This year its on 5th March,2015.

In Hindu mythology, Holi is celebrated when the demon Holika was burned. It is also a day which symbolize the wining of good things over bad, right over wrong.The festival is of a week. However it’s only the last day that is observed by all with colours. Phagu is another name for Holi where Phagu means the sacred red powder and Pune is the full moon day, on which the festival ends. The days prior to the last don’t have a lot happening except, the installation of the ceremonial pole called “chir’, on the first day. It’s a bamboo pole, fringed with strips of cloth representing good luck charms. As the pole is put up in the street at Basantapur, the festivities and worship commences for the week. At the end of which its taken to a bonfire.

The myth following Holi, reveals that a fiend named Holika together with her brother, an atheist king by the name of Hiranyakasyapu conspired ways to kill his son Pralhad because Pralhad was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. But their attempts always failed for Lord Vishnu protects those who love him. Finally, Holika who having received a blessing from Lord Bramha to be immune to fire, jumped in with Pralhad. But Brahma’s blessing could only be used for good purposes and so Holika was consumed by the fire where as Pralhad was saved by the grace of the Gods. Thus, Holi is said to be celebrated to rejoice Holika’s extermination and the traditional bonfires are believed to commemorate her death.

Holi for everyone is a time for fun and frolic. But with modernization of time, Holi has taken more in a negative ways since a decade. People unnecessary bothers other in the name of Holi by throwing water and plastic water bags specially to girls. So its was a big headache to walk on the streets for people who has to be victim of Holi. Due to such mis-acts government of Nepal has really made a strict rules and by public awareness. Holi is a festival of joy. So everyone should celebrate in only on the day of Holi within their friends and families without bothering the outsiders. May this Holi of Fagu Purnima would be celebrated joyfull without any accidents and misbehaviours.

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