Shah Rukh Khan: Battered, not beaten

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan recently suffered a major blow while shooting for ‘Happy New Year’ which led to a head injury, a fractured shoulder getting and a torn knee patella tissue. It’s not the first time that the actor has been injured during a shoot. Known to perform daredevil stunts himself, injuries haven’t stopped him, they have only pushed him to work harder. A source close to the actor tells Mirror that everytime he has injured himself, he has returned to the sets in a week or at best, in 10 days. And this has often resulted in having to undergo more surgeries later.

Expert speak
Physiotherapist Dr Aijaz Ashai says, “I’m sure Shah Rukh is exercising regularly. He needs to work on building muscle around joints and increase the endurance of muscle fibre. He also needs to rest for a while so an injury can heal. He has a flexible body and many people guiding him.

1996 INJURY NO 1
(Body Part -Ribs) One of Shah Rukh’s first injuries was in the 90s when he fractured three ribs while shooting English Babu Desi Mem. But he was back on his feet in a jiffy, shooting for his next, Trimurti.

1997 INJURY NO 2
(Body Part – Knee) Shah Rukh broke his knee during an action sequence in Koyla. Since they were in Arunachal Pradesh, he continued shooting so Rakesh Roshan would not undergo losses. He required a surgery later.

1998 INJURY NO 3
(Body Part – Right Toe) In 1998, while shooting for Mani Ratnam’s Dil Se, he injured his right toe during a sequence that required him to jump.

1998 INJURY NO 4
(Body Part–Chest) While shooting for Duplicate, a costume that Shah Rukh was wearing resulted in a big cut on his chest. He needed multiple stitches.

2001 INJURY NO 5
(Body Part – Right Ankle) Shah Rukh broke his right ankle in 2001 while shooting for his movie One 2 Ka 4.

2003 INJURY NO 6
(Body Part — Back) While shooting an action sequence for Shakti — The Power, he suffered a back injury. The diagnosis said prolapsed disc. In 2003, while filming Chalte Chalte and just before he started Kal Ho Naa Ho, he had to undergo surgery.

2010 INJURY NO 7
(Body Part — Left Shoulder) He broke it while shooting a cameo in Dulha Mil Gaya.

2010 INJURY NO 8
(Body Part– Left shoulder) Pain intensified during My Name is Khan. Another surgery.

2011 INJURY NO 9
(Body Part– Right Shoulder) Hurt it again during Ra.One and had to undergo a major surgery.

2013 INJURY NO 10
(Body Part — Right Shoulder) During Chennai Express, the pain aggravated requiring another surgery.

2014 INJURY NO 11
A door fell on his head during Happy New Year resulting in a fractured shoulder and torn knee patella tissue.

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