Sambodhan – 1974 AD by Peter MCDonough

Sambodhan – 1974 AD by Peter MCDonough

Peter McDonough who was born in U.S. spent his childhood life in Nepal. His family worked in the medical field in Nepal that is why he had to spend most of his childhood life in Nepal. He has most of his friends living in Dadheldhura where he got his opportunities to learn English. He did not only learn to speak Nepalese fluently but also learnt read and write Nepali language.

More than that he started to embrace Nepali culture, music and started to sing the songs of classic songs of voice empire Narayna Gopal Gurbacharrya, Gopal Yonjon , Nepalese boy bands, rock band  and more. Songs after songs in YouTube made him popular in Nepal and America, Nepalese around the globe started to fire comments like machine gun in second after second.

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