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RITU is a story of youths and their struggle against the time, seasons, hearts and feelings that are trying their best to not remain the same. It is the story of their tears. It is the story of their laughs. And it is the story of their love.

“Ritu”, director Manoj Adhikari’s debut feature is the joint venture of Australia based Alp Entertainment, USA based Planet3Films and Nepal’s Apil Bista Films..

Full Movie Coming Soon! Ritu is Nepalese romantic love story film that portrays the emotional behaviour of young lovers. Directed by Manoj Adhikari, Ritu is the first Nepali Film produced from Australia. The theme of the movie is “Seasons change with time, so do the hearts and feelings inside”. Change is inevitable. Be it in the nature, or our feelings, or relationships. Things don’t always work out the way we’ve planned. It takes turns we’d never even imagined. “Ritu” is a simple romantic story about the similar changes that took place in the lives of Meena, Suraj and Kripa. Ritu analyses the relationships of its characters through time. It’s not about falling in love, but about not letting your love wither and fall. Cast of the movie are Raj Ballav Koirala, Malina Joshi, Rima Bishwokarma, Kamal Silwal, Bishnu Neupane, Iva Ivanova, Bulson, Mana Khatri, Sushila Budhathoki, Written By Sandeep Badal Produced By Alp Entertainment in Association with Planet3Films, Apil Bista Films and Ashok Gautam Films

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