Points to remember while building a house

Who doesn’t like to have our own house, apartments, buildings, residence? Its paradise. Of course, everyone dream to have own paradise.

Some of us have jobs and work under others while some make others to work for us. Some are involved locally/nationally while some are involved internationally working abroad. Different occupations we are involved into. Some of us are doctors, some are engineers while some are pilots. We might be involved in many other different professions like Nursing, Developing, Designing, IT Jobs , Banking/ Accounting/Cashier, Managing, Administrator, Teaching, Professional Singing/Dancing/Acting, Driving, Playing professionally, Sales Managing. What we work might be different but what we target is money for our living.

To earn for living and to live a happy life is what every one wish. Likewise at first dreaming of a beautiful house is a likely dream what everyone dreams.

If you are also dreaming of a house and planning to start soon. Plan for that and go ahead. Here are some points that you should mainly think about.

  1. Financial Status- Check your financial status or some easy loan procedures you can start with.
  2. A Skilled Registered Contractor ( Whole Contractor including raw materials or Laborers Contractor charges on per Sq. meter) If you found a Whole Contractor Check for the quality of raw materials and skills in the laborers. But for a Laborers contractor more points below.
  3. A Good Construction Company/ Crusher for quality and easy availability of materials.
  4. An experienced ideal Engineer having (Get some VastuKala knowledge about locating positions)
  5. Engineering Consultancy that helps in all municipal procedures including water and electricity application.
  6. A Hardware Raw Material Dealer that can supply most used brands of any category related to build a house. Learn the rates.
  7. A Furniture that can suggest you with qualitative and furnished materials made by skillful manpower.
  8. Watering and a good caring of placement of materials as needed per necessity.
  9. A Interior Home Designer
  10. Enjoy Life in new house.

These points might help you getting started with your plan to build a house.


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