National Symbols of Nepal

National Symbols of Nepal in New Constitution 2072

Given below are listed National Symbols of Nepal according to New Constitution of Nepal 2072.

National Flag


National Flag of Nepal has been discussed in 8th point of Part 1 of New Constitution 2072. This constitution has accepted the old flag which is the only triangular flag in the world. The flag is described as consisting of the two juxtaposed triangle with crimson colored base and deep blue borders. White crescent moon with eight rays can be seen on the upper triangle while twelve rayed sun can be seen on the lower triangle. You can learn how to draw Nepali flag by following the guidelines prescribed in Schedule 1 of New Constitution 2072.
Emblem of Nepal


Schedule 3 of New Constitution has provision of new coat-of-arms of Nepal. Also called National Logo, the modern emblem was changed on 30th December 2006. The new Nepali logo shows flag of Nepal on the top of world’s tallest Mount Everest. Just below the mountain is shown green hill followed by an image of a male and female hand joining together before showing male and female joining hands. Below the joining hands is shown flat land of Terai in yellow color. These images are decorated with garland of rhododendron while white map of Nepal is placed atop the green hill. The line- Janani Janmavumischa Swargadapi gariyasi is written in red scroll at the bottom which translates as the mother and motherland are greater than heaven.

National Anthem

Schedule-2 of New Constitution 2072 has provision for New National Song of Nepal. The lyrics was written by Pradeep Kumar Rai aka Byakul Maila while the music was composed by Amber Gurung. The song was adopted on 3rd August 2007.

National Anthem in Nepali

Sayaun thungga phulka haami, euṭai mala nepali
Sarbabhaum bhai phailiekaa, Mechi-Mahakali
Prakritika koti-koti sampadaako achala,
birharukaa ragata le, swatantra ra aṭala
Gyanabhumi, shantibhumi Terai, Pahad, Himala
Akhaṇḍa yo pyaaro haamro matṛibhumi Nepala
Bahul jaati, bhaasaa, dharma, sanskṛti chhan bishala
Agragaami raṣhṭra hamro, jaya jaya Nepala

National Language

The 7th point of Part 1 of New Constitution 2072 has validated Nepali language in Devanagari script as the official language of Nepal while it is mentioned in 6th point of Part 1 that every languages spoken in Nepal are languages of nation.



Cows have always been regarded with high respect in Nepal. Nepal used to be a Hindu state before declaration of new constitution which recognized Nepal as a secular state. Hindus worship cows as an incarnation of Laxmi- the Goddess of wealth. The Achham cow has been recognized as National Animal of Nepal. Cows are worshiped each year in Laxmi Puja.



National Bird

Lophophorus impejanus which is locally known as Danphe is the national bird. These birds can be found at high altitude and are regarded as an endangered species.


National Flower


Rhododendron Arboreum which is locally called Lali Gurans is the national flower of Nepal. Nepal is blessed with more than 30 species of Laligurans that are available at an altitude in between 2000m to 4000m above sea level. Visit Nepal in between March to June as these are the best months to view blooming rhododendrons. Langtang National Park and Milke Danda are some of the places to watch rhododendron.



Crimson (Simrik) is Nepal’s national color. The dark shade of red, this color is considered to be the symbol of prosperity and fortune.



National Weapon of Nepalnational-weapon-of-nepal-300x240

Khukuri which is also known as Kukri is the national weapon of Nepal. This is an extremely useful knife that can be used both as a daily tool as well as a deadly weapon. Khukuri was introduced to the outer world by Gurkhas.

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