Constitution, a consensus document: Nembang

Constitution, a consensus document: Nembang

20 April, Ilam:

Former Speaker and CPN (UML) leader Subash Nembang has said the new constitution is a common document of people of all castes, languages and genders in the country.
Addressing an interaction organised Wednesday by All Nepal National Free Students Union in Ilam, leader Nembang said the Constituent Assembly finally promulgated the new constitution meeting the people’s long aspirations for the same.

The historic main law of the country has been welcomed by the majority of people and only a few have found not favourable to them, he said, arguing it is one of the best statutes in the world.

Giving his views about the allocation of naturalised citizenship, he said the country’s main law is lenient to foreign sisters and so far 2,oo7 Indian women having marital ties with the Nepali men have got the citizenship under this category since the promulgation of the new constitution on September 20 last year. RSS

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