LekhnathPokhara International Zoo

Pokhara International Zoo

Pokhara International Zoo, Lekhnath-11, Pachabhaiya

This is purposed international mountain museum in the community forest including 3 wards on Lekhnath.

The jungle is in between the two famous lakes Begnas and Rupa. United Club Pokhara is leading the project and the Health Minister Khagaraj Adhikary, had laid the foundation stone for a proposed Pokhara International Zoo.

An all-party meeting had chosen Himalaya Bakhrel as Coordinator of Pokhara International Zoo Construction Committee of late. The committee has proposed to construct the zoo in 135 hectare land incorporating community forests in Lekhnath municipality. The committee aims to complete construction of the zoo in five years. The forests to be included into the zoo are home to as many as 134 species of wild animals, including leopard and deer.

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