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Fisheries Research Station, Pokhara

Fisheries Research Station, Pokhara situated in Begnas Lake


Established in 1962 as “Lake Development Centre” which was changed the name as Fisheries Development Centre in late 1960s. In 1975 an “Integrated Fishery and Fish Culture Development Project (FEP/73/25)” was implemented under FAO/UNDP cooperation.

Later recognized as “Fisheries Research Centre” with the name of “Agriculutre Research Station (Fisheries), Pokhara in 1993 under Nepal Agriculutral Research Council (NARC).

Functioning as “Lake Fisheries Research Station” for aquatic and fisheries resources conservation and utilization. Facilitated in expansion of cage fish culutre and open water fisheries management in Nepal. Technical/resource support and services to pond/cage aquaculture farmers and fishers.

The Goal

Enhancement of fisheries/aquaculture contribution to livelihoods, especially those of the wetland dependent rural poor.


  • Development of appropriate aquaculture technologies for improving production and productivity
  • Development of appropriate inland water management and resource conservation technologies for supporting wetland dependent community
  • Appropriate delivery of technical and resource services to the farmers/fishers community in western Nepal.

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