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Three parties call on people to celebrate constitution promulgation as historic occasion

Three parties call on people to celebrate constitution promulgation as historic occasion

20 Sept, Kathmandu:

Three major political parties have jointly called on the people to celebrate the promulgation of new constitution going to take place on Sunday afternoon as a historic occasion.

At a press conference after the three-party meet held at the Prime Minister’s official residence Saturday, parties’ leaders said the Nepali people have attained an epochal success in drafting their constitution after a long struggle and tremendous efforts. They called on all people to mark the constitution promulgation ceremony as a historic occasion.

Now the people’s long-awaited aspirations have been fulfilled, they said, urging the people to unite together for the strengthening of national unity, progress, prosperity, integrity and independence.

Stating that the constitution is itself an amendable document, three major political parties have urged the dissenting parties to seek a solution to any problem through talks peacefully and all those inside and outside the CA to take part in the historic constitution announcement ceremony. Nepal’s constitution is itself a dynamic document and differences among the political parties can be sorted out in the future, stated the joint press note issued on the occasion.

The leaders stated that the endorsement of revised constitutional bill, 2072 was not only a moment of pride for the political parties but also a moment signifying the unity and victory amongst all Nepali people.

They argued that the new constitution was the most progressive one compared to those in the past as it had incorporated the expectations and sentiments of Nepali people.

Reaffirming their commitments for the proportional inclusiveness, the leaders also assured that the provisions related to social justice will be incorporated in the new constitution accordingly.

As far as the determination of the constituency and demarcation of federal provinces were concerned, the leaders pledged they were ready to forge consensus on the same as per the recommendations furnished by the Federal Commission and make necessary amendment in the new constitution.

Similarly, they said that many unresolved issues could be addressed through the transformed Legislature-Parliament.

A democratic constitution on which we can be proud has been drafted from the Constituent Assembly after a prolonged debate and discussion, the parties stated, adding the constitution upheld political stability, good governance, directing the country towards a path of prosperity and national security and unity among the people.

The constitution has envisioned making people’s lives happy and prosperous through adaptation of independent foreign policy and the principle of federalism, it is stated in the press release. The parties further said the constitution upholds systematic devolution of rights in the local level by embracing supportive and coordinative federal structure.

The salient features of the constitution includes the principle of proportional inclusivity based federal state structure, power decentralization, mixed electoral system with proportional representation, inclusive democracy, accountable executive body, bicameral legislature and independent judiciary. The constitution also assures full press freedom and religious freedom.

They have also mentioned on the fundamental rights; reminded past difficulties faced to bring present situation; pointed out the need of unity; expected the support from international community on constitution promulgation and thanked the international community.

The big three parties made an appeal to all Nepalis to celebrate this occasion with fanfare. RSS

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