Nepal Telecom to expand 3G, WiFi internet service


KATHMANDU, APR 28 – The Nepal Telecom (NT) has expressed commitment to expand its services including 3G mobile and WiFi internet service across the country. During an interaction with the journalists here in the Capital on Monday, the Managing Director (MD) of the NT, Anupranjan Bhattarai, said it has prioritised programmes on reaching the 3G and WiFi internet services to all 75 districts in the country. The NT is providing special and a variety of services compared to other companies, he stated. The Nepal Telecom has a total of 10.2 million customers and it has been paying Rs. 38.85 billion in revenue to the government annually. Bhattarai further said the state-owned telecom giant has been providing GSM mobile services to around 8.4 million customers, while its CDMA mobile service are enjoyed by 1.17 million people, local telephones by 647,802 NT SAT by 528, V-SAT by 360, Marts 306 and VHF by 24 customers. Similarly, it has been providing internet and data services to 4,247,272 customers. The NT has reached its services in all VDCs and Municipalities of the country and is planning to start Information Technology Company, he added. Besides providing services via phone, mobile and internet services, the NT has invested six billion rupees in various projects of national pride including the Tamakoshi Hydropower Project, Upper Trishuli Hydropower Project, said Bhattarai.

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