Modi praises Nepal on Independence Day Speech

Modi praises Nepal on Independence Day Speech

Narendra Modi

New Delhi August 15

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday praised the people of Nepal for choosing the path of peace over violence.

In a speech he delivered on the occassion of India’s 68th Independence Day, Modi mentioned Nepal and how it could be an inspiration to the world.

“The path of violence has not given anything,” Modi said in his first Independence Day speech.

“In Nepal, at one time the youth had taken the path of violence. But today the same youth are waiting for  the constitution to be made,” he said.

Modi said: “I had said that Nepal can inspire youth of the world who have taken the path of violence to come back on the path of peace. If Nepal can have peace, then why can’t India.”

“It is the need of time that we leave violence and follow the path of peace and brotherhood,” the prime minister said.

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