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Home Ministry provides Rs 3 billion plus to quake-hit for purchase of warm clothes

Home Ministry provides Rs 3 billion plus to quake-hit for purchase of warm clothes

3 Jan, Kathmandu: The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) has released a total of Rs 3.2 billion for the purchase and distribution of warm clothes for the quake-hit persons across the country.

The financial aid will be dispatched to them through the District Natural Disaster Rescue Fund in 21 districts in the most-affected districts.

As many as 32,266 households in various parts of the country are believed to be benefited by this relief effort of the government, according to the press statement released by the MoHA on Saturday.

The financial aid is also expected to bring respite to those whose houses rendered uninhabitable during the quake and are reported to be bearing the brunt of biting cold under the open sky in lack of warm clothes and shelter.

Each household will be provided with Rs 10,000 for the same purpose, the press release stated.
The April 25 earthquake, also known as ‘Gorkha Earthquake’ with its epicentre at Barpark of Gorkha district, caused a massive devastation of lives and property in the country, claiming the lives of around 9,000 and leaving more than 20,000 injured, states a government statistics.

One in ten houses in the country was damaged by the disaster measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale.

While Sindhupalchowk district received the biggest fund, amounting to Rs 750 million, Baglung district has been made available the lowest, standing at Rs 10 million.

The distribution of the aid for each quake-affected district is said to be based on its repercussions.

The capital city has been provided Rs 450 million, according to the Home Ministry.

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