Health services will be made accessible and qualitative: Minister Adhikari

26 July, Kanchanpur: Minister for Health and Population, Khagaraj Adhikari, has said that the health services would be made accessible and qualitative.

Speaking at a programme organised at Jhalari Pipaladi Municipality in Kanchanpur on Sunday, Minister Adhikari said a trend of providing all health services in the country should be developed.

Stating that the trend of going out of the country for general treatment was not good, he said treatment services provided in the country should be taken as quality medical services have been started providing in the country.

The Health Minister said that a primary health centre is going to be well-equipped to provide health services to people of Dodhara Chandani area in an accessible manner and a 15-bed primary health post is to be established at Jhalari Pipaladi.

He assured of taking initiatives soon to make arrangement of quotas of doctors at Mahakali Zonal Hospital. RSS

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