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Education Day to be celebrated for a week

Education Day to be celebrated for a week

1 Sept, Bhaktapur:

The government is to celebrate this year’s International Literacy Day and National Educational Day-2073 by organising various programmes for a week.

At a news conference organised by the Non-Formal Education Centre, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, here on Wednesday, Centre Director Diwakar Dhungel said that the Day would be celebrated from September 2-8 by organising various programmes.

Folk song competition, street play, sapling plantation at the premises of Centre would be held under week-long progranmme.

Similarly, morning rally, cultural procession would be organised, exhibition, prize distribution and literacy special edition of the Centre would be released on September 23.

Sharing the information about literacy, Dhungel said that although 5.18 million people across the country were illiterate in 2067 BS, some 4.8 million people have become literate till 2071/72 BS.

A total of 29 districts have already been declared as fully-literate and preparation was on to declare 24 other districts as fully-literate district, he added.

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