A trip to Gorkha for relief to the people.

A trip to Gorkha for relief to the people.

Gyarchowk, Palungtaar and Arbang from Pokhara Airport

Gorkha is a district which is remote area, I have had never been to that place and I saw its really remote area towards the east from Pokhara, made up of stone-mud houses grouping in the high hills. As the epicenter of the Earthquake that occurred on April 25 was Lamjung and different other areas were seriously damaged due to the continuous earthquake aftershocks that was felt in 31 different districts of Nepal causing 11 districts collapsed. Death toll has been increasing and it is expected that a great loss Nepal has to bear due to the disaster suddenly happened without any symbols.

Indian Air Force with their helicopters and Indian pilots crew has been helping has been operating with coordination with the commands of the Nepal Army for the rescue operation and relief distribution to the effected area. 5 Army Helicopters are seen flying from Pokhara to Gorkha with Indian Pilots since 2 or 3 days. It was all about Indian Air Army Crew doing their best to carry minimum 500 Kg (in small helicopters) of readymade food like noodles and biscuits in maximum amount with sacks of rice, sugar, potato, flours and some health related materials like medicines and clean pads and papers  in some packing were seen written “To Gorkha-Barpak”.

Pilots were ready to make flights as they were waiting for the signal ahead. It was a problem when wireless was not connected to the Pokhara airport tower. Crew were informed and all the crew came and they finalized the calculation and external wireless connections were made by locking the interenal wireless connection. Once again the voltage was checked and then everything was ready to make flight, only the signal ahead the Helicopter was awaited. When a personnel came and spoke with the pilots, the flight had to carry some injured people from Gyarchowk, Gorkha.

As it was assured that the load was exactly as mentioned capacity of the helicopter the take off was done. Altitude meter, Compass and map was directing the pilot and copilot with the radio signal from the tower in the airport. It was 5000m height as I listened when I was using the headphone as I noticed a lady voice saying you’ve passed 5000m height.

The height of the hills was too high of the nature I have had never seen before from such height. Within some minutes we reached the Gyarchowk (rounded in digital map) and landed in the maize field. Completely destroyed houses were seen. And the people were seen awaiting for the helicopter with a hope to get some foods and other relief materials. Some army people and public were called by the Pilot and then the sliding doors were quickly opened without taking time in passing the food and medicines to the public.

Soon the injured were taken inside the helicopter and then moved towards Ekata Samudaik Health Centre that lies in Palumtaar, Gorkha. The three injured women were taken to the health centre using stretchers for the primary treatment and from the same big ground the collected donated relief materials were taken inside the Helicopter and headed to Arbang. After some minutes it landed in Arbang’s maize field. I was really afraid when the maize field was surrounded by the tall trees. I suppose the Pilots had to land in the same place where it was marked in the digital map in the Pilot panel and they did exactly.This time the people lined up to carry the materials in a systematic way and I also helped them to take out the relief materials. This time the children waved their hands and we responded them and others in the same group responded us.

The helicopter returned to the same big ground in Palumtaar and the primarily treated injured were brought back to helicopter and headed to Pokhara.

Sana Ghale was also from the same group that consisted of a young lady, injured mother Sovita and her daughter Chukmaya and two old women injured in head and eyes, a mother named Maya Gurung and small daughter Angila Gurung. 

Upon my questions Sana Dai with his wet eyes said that it is too rural so that no any media can reach them. He added allof nearly 600 houses in Gyarchowk, Gorkha has been completely destroyed. No any concerned were in reach in time but since 2-3 days relief materials has been provided. Gorkha Trip 2015 (72)He said 8 people loosed their life there. Till then we were about to reach the Pokhara Airport.

Then, the Armed police force and Nepal Army were ready with Ambulance and came with stretchers. Gorkha Trip 2015 (80)Hope the injured will get proper treatment and will be sheltered well in Pokhara.

I thanked the Pilot and the Indian Crew that was helping in the flight to rescue people. I think whatever people have said about India, we really need them at any cost at this time and their help is incredible. Thanks to Pradeep Sir and his team for the wonderful flight for the rescue.


by Rajan Pariyar. 2015, May 1

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