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4 infected with swine flu in Chitwan

Four people have tested positive for swine flu virus in Chitwan district.

The Chitwan District Public Health Office confirmed swine flu ‘influenza A H1 N1’ among four people after conducting lab test on samples sent from Bharatpur Hospital in Chitwan.

Vector Control Inspector of the Public Health Office Ram KC said the disease was confirmed among four out of 43 samples sent to Epidemiology Division Kathmandu since mid-January.

The reports of 43 patients, who were found to have positive results in course of rapid test undertaken in a lab of Bharatpur hospital were sent to National Public Health Laboratory Teku for PCR test.

Patients suspected with the disease are under medication while one has recovered completely, said the hospital sources.

The District Public Health Office has adopted high alert measures to prevent the disease from spreading after it was first detected.

The Bharatpur Hospital has set up an isolation ward with ventilator to provide treatment to the patients with the virus. RSS

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