Lekhnath Mahotsab 2072

Lekhnath Mahotsab 2072


Lekhnath Mahotsab is annually celebrated festival organised by Lekhnath Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This has been one and only event that has been able to collect a huge mass for its events. As this event is organised yearly, people await the event and those who have been abroad miss the event.


In this event different stalls about agricluture, business and industry are presented and in the stage people entertain some competitions for singing, dancing and enjoy the various artists performing folk songs focusing concerts in the evening only.


Lekhnath Mahotsab is taken as the famous as a huge mass it can collect due to various reasons including its spot in the easy access to villages.


We have some photographs collected on Falgun 8, 2072 during the Lekhnath Mahotsab.



Lekhnath Mahotsab 2072

Photographer: Sujit

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