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Women’s health: Dealing with sagging breasts

Women's health: Dealing with sagging breasts
Women’s health: Dealing with sagging breasts

Most women take great pride in flaunting a firm and perky set of breasts.

Women are very conscious about their bosoms and can go to great lengths to ensure that their breasts remain firm and healthy, sometimes even resorting to surgery. But unfortunately age and gravity affects breasts over the years, making them sag. Luckily we have discovered a few simple ways to deal with sagging breasts. Check out these tips, which promise to make your breasts appear firmer.

Maintain a steady weight: Weight gain or weight loss can affect your breast size. When a woman goes on a crash diet and she loses a lot of weight, the fat from her breasts also reduces but since her breast tissue cannot shrink, it appears to sag. It is recommended that women use slow and steady methods of weight loss and include body toning exercises in their fitness regime.

Stop smoking: Smoking is known to cause wrinkles and it makes the skin lose its elasticity and flexibility. If your breasts are beginning to sag, your smoking habit could be a reason for it. If you want your breasts to stay firm, then quit smoking.

Wear a sports bra when you exercise: When you do cardio exercises like the treadmill, your breasts tend to bounce a lot, which may tear some of the supporting ligaments in your breast. This causes the breasts to sag. Wearing a sports bra with proper support during your workout will prevent them from sagging.

Include push-ups and weight training in your workout routine: Push-ups help build the muscles behind the breast tissue and makes them firm. Besides, it is also a good exercise to tone the upper body and will prevent the breasts from sagging. There are many weight training exercises, like tricep dips and plank push-ups, which will tone the muscle behind the breast tissue and prevent them for sagging.

Breast massage: Apart from exercising, breast massages are also vital to maintain and improve skin elasticity. Massage your breasts with olive oil, two or three times a week to tone them and make them firm.




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