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Early signs of pregnancy

Early signs of pregnancy
Early signs of pregnancy

Early pregnancy symptoms may vary for each woman. But a basic knowledge of these signs can help you detect if you are pregnant. Here are some of the most common early pregnancy signs to look out for.

Sore Breasts: Breast change is an early pregnancy symptom. Due to change in the hormonal level during pregnancy, you may notice that your breasts begin to look bigger and may become sensitive or sore.

Fatigue: A woman may suddenly feel extremely fatigued after doing small chores. This may start as early as the second week after conceiving. Many women continue to feel fatigued all through the first trimester.

Morning Sickness: Morning sickness or nausea is one of the most widely known signs of pregnancy. Many pregnant women feel nauseated when they’re about six months into their pregnancy but there are a few women who start feeling nauseous in the first few weeks after conception.

Frequent urination: If you notice that you need to use the washroom more often than usual, it could be because of a hormonal change, which occurs during pregnancy and can be considered as a symptom of pregnancy.

Mood swings: Mood swings are a very common pregnancy symptom and can start from the first trimester itself. This is also related to hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Dizziness: This is one of the most common early pregnancy symptoms.







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