Vidya Balan finds Shah Rukh Khan very charming

Vidya and Shah Rukh
Vidya and Shah Rukh

Vidya Balan unabashedly admits that she finds Shah Rukh Khan very charming.

Says she, “Amongst the married men, Shah Rukh is so charming.” She adds, “He’s not been a co-star but there’s something about Shah Rukh. Also, he and my husband Siddharth Roy Kapur have the same initials and I get away with a lot because of that. When I went for the screening of Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and he puts out his arms in the song Mitwa, for a minute I saw myself running to him! I remember I was young when the television show Fauji released but I knew my sister and her friends were crazy about him. At that point, I was going through the I-don’t-like-boys phase, so I didn’t like him. I actually fell in love with him when I saw Dil Se and that’s not a film, a lot of people mention in context to SRK.”

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The actress is sure SRK knows about her liking for him. “Of course, he knows. I think he has read about it and he keeps saying, ‘Tum galat SRK ke saath chali gayi’, to which I say, ‘Par aap toh kahaan ghaas daal rahe the’. All of this is a joke,” she concludes laughing.




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