The Sun Will Rise Again – A Song For Nepal – Gaurav Dagaonkar

The Sun Will Rise Again – A Song For Nepal – Gaurav Dagaonkar

Gaurav Dagaonkar has written this in his youtube:

Here’s a song I’ve composed and sung to urge everyone to help out the people affected by the Nepal Earthquake.

As we know its been 6 days since Nepal was hit by a deadly earthquake of 7.8M. At present, the death toll has crossed 6000 and may even touch 15000. The loss has been devastating and the country is struggling to cope up with the needs of the people in distress. In the rural areas, 90% of the homes have been destroyed and relief has yet to reach some of these affected areas.

My name is Gaurav Dagaonkar, and I’m a singer-songwriter from India. I may not be a Nepali, but right now my heart beats for my neighboring country. I wish to do everything in my capacity to help my brothers and sisters in Nepal. Through this song of hope, compassion and humanity, I request and urge all of you to kindly donate to any of the organizations below that have been working diligently in Nepal. I have been following their work personally since the past few days and have donated to many of them myself. Remember, even 1 USD = 100 Nepali rupees and is enough to buy someone two meals a day in Nepal. So please donate whatever you can!

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