Bipasha Basu starrer ‘Creature’ is a Brahmarakshas!

Bipasha Basu
Bipasha Basu

Vikram Bhatt, who’s gearing up to terrify us with India’s first 3D creature film, titled ‘Creature’, is confident that his monster is at par with Hollywood standards. But he asserts that his creature is not a dinosaur, werewolf or even a vampire.

“Why should I borrow from American culture? My creature is a Brahmarakshas – a mutant from Indian mythology. It’s 10-feet tall, has a swishing tail and is in the same league as the Yeti which I believe exists, although I am yet to encounter one,” he says. The creature owes its existence to state of-art visual effects and has been created indigenously in the Chennai-based Prasad EFX.

“I did approach a couple of foreign studios but the price they quoted was absurd. So I went to Prasad, I have previously worked with them on 1920, Haunted and Raaz 3. Initially I was skeptical but my fears were put to rest when I saw the creature for the first time on screen. With the right lighting, texture and animation, it looked terrifying,” he recalls, adding that it took seven months for his creature to take shape. “It reinforces the fact that we have the talent. The back work VFX of many Hollywood films is done in India.”

Interestingly, Vikram’s heroine, Bipasha Basu, is yet to see the creature. “I keep telling Bipasha to come see it. I can hear the fear in her voice when she says she will, soon. I wonder how she will dub for the film knowing what a fattu she is,” he breaks into a hearty laugh.

Despite Bipasha’s self-confessed fear for anything that is unexplained and part of the supernatural, Vikram believes Bipasha is the perfect choice for his spine-chillers. “She surrenders completely to the script and the director. And when you are making India’s first creature film, it’s better to work with someone who believes in your vision rather than someone who’s skeptical,” he says. “Even when I narrated the germ of the idea of Creature to Bipasha, her reaction was, ‘Let’s go for it!'”


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